a white square sticker with a blue circle in the middle filled with three sunflowers, with text around the circle that says β€œthere will be joy again (and again and again)”

There Will Be Joy Again Sticker

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Joy isn't a one-time feeling. Loss or lack of joy is only temporary. You can find, remember, and experience it again, and again, and again. 🌻 This sunflower-filled sticker is the perfect addition to journal spreads, folders, notebook covers, or your growing sticker hoard.

Item Details:

  • Kiss-cut sticker
  • Matte, weatherproof vinyl paper
  • 3 in tall x 3 in wide (7.6 cm tall x 7.6 cm wide)

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image description: a black person's fingers holding a square sticker on a light blue background. the sticker has a white background with a blue circle in the middle. the circle has a trio of sunflowers, and text going around the outside of the circle says "there will be joy again (and again and again)".