Welcome! I'm super duper happy you're here!

Hey, I'm Jay! (they/them) 👋🏾 Welcome to Drifting Daydreamer, the ever-changing home to all the various art I make that my mind won't shut up about.

A quick rundown of who I am - I'm a black, queer and neurodivergent artist, whose interests are varied (a.k.a. all over the place) so I never know just how long I'll stay on a certain subject, style, or medium before my mind drifts (sometimes yeets itself) to the next interesting thing. ⛵ On top of that, my always-active mind causes me to daydream a ton, so I end up using those as a main source of inspiration for my work. If I think a certain style will fit my idea best, I'll go with it, even if that style is wildly different than what I made the day before.

Basically, I'm an artist who drifts from one way of doing art to the next, going with the flow of my daydreams. ✨🌙

Some additional lil tid-bits about me & my shop:

  • I graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Game Art & Animation from Columbus State Community College in 2021 🎓
  • I have two cats - Smokey and Tortie. One likes to lay in the sun all day, the other is possibly chaos incarnate 🔥
  • My favorite drink is strawberry green tea boba. The perfect end to a hot or stressful day 🍓
  • I've rebranded twice - the shop was originally called I am We Creations from 2018 to 2021, when I changed it to JibJoy Art for a few months, before deciding on Drifting Daydreamer in June 2021 🌊

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me and my shop! I hope you find a lil thing that brings you joy today 🌻